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Here's an interesting fact:  The story that I've been serializing on the blog recently was inspired by a true-life event in 1975 reported on the TV news.  It immediately set my mind off on a train of thought for a plot that I thought would make a great tale, but it took around 36 years for me to get around writing the first two chapters, whereupon I got sidetracked and ended up neglecting it.  A couple or so years later, I started on chapter three, but only wrote three paragraphs before again being diverted by other things.  (I only rediscovered these paragraphs the other day and added one of them to the first chapter.)

As I said at the beginning of posting the story, I had the basic plot, plus a few twists and turns, worked out in my head back in '75, but when it came to writing each chapter, I just sort of made them up as I went along, amending earlier chapters where necessary to tie in with later ones.  I've now reviewed and amended each chapter again and ironed out the kinks and inconsistencies, and it ties together a lot tighter now.  So if you read each chapter as it was posted and generally enjoyed the tale, why not go back to the beginning and read it as a complete story?  I think you'll enjoy it more.  There may still be a few minor changes I'll make, but, essentially, It's now completed.

And if you'd like to comment on each chapter as you go along, feel entirely free.

P.S.  And I don't know about you, but I'm quite impressed with myself for writing eleven of the fourteen (admittedly short) chapters in the space of nine days.   

Number 2235: Goodbye Black Pirate

All American Comics #102 was the last issue before it turned into All American Western. It featured the first Johnny Thunder story, and the last stories featuring Green Lantern, Dr Mid-Nite, and Black Pirate, which I am showing today.

It was a good run for all of those characters, especially in the here today/gone tomorrow world of 1940s comic books.

Black Pirate appeared in three popular comics titles in his career. Created by Sheldon Moldoff, he first appeared in Action Comics #23, then switched to Sensation Comics beginning with issue #1. After 50 issues, he then moved over to All American Comics, bumping out The Atom. Not bad for a comic book character who never had his own book, or was on the cover of any issues of the comic books where he was a second tier feature.

I have read less than half a dozen adventures of Black Pirate, so I can’t give an opinion of how Jon Valor (Black Pirate’s secret identity) fared as a pirate, but in his final adventure he was inland, and rode away on a horse.

Artwork by Arthur Peddy and Bernard Sachs.

Tuesday, 18 September 2018

कार्टून :- सीट बेल्‍ट

Captain Marvel - First Trailer // a film by Marvel Studios...

Captain Marvel - First Trailer // a film by Marvel Studios (2019)

Starring Brie Larson, Samuel L. Jackson and Jude Law.

Baba Ramdev’s heart-breaking announcement!

Baba Ramdev’s heart-breaking announcement!: Baba Ramdev shocked everyone when he declared that he won’t campaign for BJP in 2019 elections. Was he serious? Many don’t think so. It would be interesting to know about the reason behind this heart-breaking announcement! You can support independent voice of Satish Acharya’s cartoons through Leave a comment

More Supergirl Movie Rumors!

Boy, time flies!

It was only a month ago that news of a possible Supergirl movie hit the internet.

Of course, there wasn't much there other than news of a screen writer. But the idea that Warner Brothers might want to re-energize the Super-franchise by moving away from the doldrums of the Snyder-verse seemed to make sense. With the success of Wonder Woman and impending success of Captain Marvel, it just seems like a no brainer.

But now some new rumors have come out in the aftermath of the announcement that Henry Cavill will no longer play Superman. It is unclear that the Cavill rumor is true. So these new Supergirl movie rumors are worth discussing here, even if (as the first rumors) this is an exceedingly premature conversation.

First off, this comment from The Playlist. Here is the link and a blurb:

A source today, right after today’s news broke, echoed the same sentiment that Warner Bros would shift focus to "Supergirl" and that movie—likely a period piece set in the 1970s (though this could change) with the young Kryptonian as a teenager—would knock Cavill out of the running for appearing in that particular time period (he’d still be a child then). So, the actor could stick around, but if Supergirl were to go first and with no “Man of Steel 2” film in development, it’s very conceivable that Cavill could not turn up as Superman again for several, several years hence everyone kind of walking away for now, but keeping the door open.

Now I must admit that I don't know if I am keen on Supergirl being set in the 70s, especially if it is part of the DCEU continuity. If Kara did reveal herself back then, wouldn't the S-symbol be known. Wouldn't Superman's reveal be less profound? If she were alive, wouldn't she come to aid Kal when the Phantom Zone folks arrived? Or does that mean she's dead in the present?

Honestly, there is nothing wrong with her arriving after him. Or having arrived earlier but having been in suspended animation or something to explain her youth. Isn't that what the Man of Steel open pod supposed to be all about?

All that said, the idea of a 'Daring New Adventures of Supergirl' style movie is intriguing if only to see Linda Danvers in all those clothes we saw in that comic.

And then the rumor about the villain!

Over on ScreenRant, the rumor is the villain will be Brainiac. Here is the link and a blurb:

Now, however, it’s rumored that the Supergirl film has potentially found its villain.
According to Daniel R at SuperBroMovies, the plan for now is for Brainiac to step into the villain role for the Supergirl movie. 

Now this is a very good fit.

Since 2008, Brainiac has been a key figure in the Supergirl origin. As seen in the Brainiac arc by Johns and Frank, Kara witnessed the shrinking of Kandor. She lost her friends that way. Brainiac is the boogey man for her generation. So there is a lot of story to chew on if that comes to pass.

I'd love a simple 'Kal is away on a space mission', Brainiac arrives, Supergirl must reveal herself sort of story.

Will this ever come to fruition? Who knows. But it is fun to think about.

So what did you all think?


CLAUDIA CARDINALE has just finished
reading my 14 chapter book on Crivens! - The
JANUS DILEMMA - and says she'd buy a copy
if it ever gets published.  Said she'd leave it in her
toilet just in case she ever runs out of loo roll.
H'mm.  Whatever can she mean by that?

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